Dr. Eck's Law of Minerals and Endo-met Supplements

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 6th Apr 2015

Endo-met Laboratories, Inc. was established by Dr. Paul Eck in 1975 in order to produce the highest quality supplements possible for use with Hair Analysis. These supplements work to control biochemical levels and ratios. Endo-met was born when Dr. Eck was able to associate distinct health conditions with these levels and ratios and figure out how to balance them.

Dr. Eck spent more than 40 years on his research of biochemistry, pathology, psychology, nutrition, and physiology and is considered the founding father of nutritional balancing science. Nutritional balancing is used as a way of decreasing the level of stress in the body and enhancing the health through the use of supplements. Endo-met uses Dr. Eck's law of minerals to develop the appropriate products for each individual’s biochemistry.

Mineral balance is so important in the body because it:

  • Increases energy release from food
  • Enables your cells to use energy from food for human energy
  • Helps to reduce fatigue
  • Helps to reverse aging

Not to mention that just one mineral out of balance impacts all the rest. Dr. Eck’s law of minerals says that it is impossible for any one mineral’s level to change without having an effect on the rest of the mineral’s levels as well. This chain reaction shows just how important mineral balance is.

Endo-met supplements are proven effective and have been used with hair analysis interpretations for more than 30 years. They offer the highest quality nutritional products to match Dr. Eck’s nutritional balancing approach and unlike any other lab, these supplements are specifically formulated for each user’s individual needs. Endo-met also performs consistent research in order to maintain the most advanced products possible and stay informed with the most recent nutritional concepts.

Shop for your Endo-met supplements at Wellness Shopping Online today for use along with your Hair Analysis kit and Nutritional Balancing program. Rest assured with the highest quality and accurate nutrients established by Dr. Eck that are made specifically to enhance your personal health. 

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