Get the best Hair Analysis from Analytical Research Labs

9th Jun 2013

If you are shopping around for the best hair analysis kit then you want to purchase the Analytical Research Laboratories Profile II. All hair analysis testing is not created equal and Analytical Research Labs was the very first lab to integrate a variety of factors that influence homeostatic balances in the body as a response to stress. Analytical was the first lab to link the importance of mineral ratios to health and identified more than 30 metabolic trends. In order for a hair analysis to be accurate the hair sample cannot be washed during processing at the lab or the water soluable minerals contaminate and render the results unreliable. We proudly offer the best hair analysis kit so you can trust the design of your Endomet supplement recommendations. Endomet supplements were designed specifically to shift your body chemistry towards the ideal levels and ratios indicated on your hair analysis test report. Get started with a hair analysis program today. Our entry level hair analysis kit is only $135. Check it out and order today.