Slow Oxidation

We recommend getting a hair analysis to determine your biochemical individuality and supplement needs versus taking random supplements. However, there are some basic recommendations that can be made based upon oxidation type.

Slow oxidizers typically need:

Paramin, EPA-DHA, Vitamin D3, Kelp, and TMG are helpful for everyone. GB-3 is recommended as a digestive aid, but can be substituted with Enz-Aid if there is trouble with diarrhea.

Endo-Veggies, Renamide, and Selenium are optional products that may help as well.

*Metabolic Packs (Megapan) and Glandulars (Thyro-Complex, Endo-Dren, Renamide) are not recommended for someone in a Four Lows pattern. The exception is in case of pregnancy, when the Metabolic Pack is necessary. Those in the Four Lows need more Paramin, as well as L-Taurine and L-Lysine.