Posted by Eileen Durfee on 1st Aug 2015

A commonly recommended supplement from a Dr. Lawrence Wilson Nutritional Balancing Program based on a Hair Analysis kit is selenium. Selenium is an important trace element that is essential for many functions of the human body. Functioning and development of certain brain areas depend on selenium, and it is also necessary to keep the thyroid functioning properly.

Endo-met’s Selenium is a fantastic nutritional supplement to provide the body with what it needs and is not receiving from a proper diet.

The main functions of selenium relate to:

  • Thyroid activity - Selenium is required to produce the thyroid hormone, tetraiodothyrenine (T4). It is also needed to convert T4 to a more active form, triiodothyronine (T3), which is essential to prevent thyroid hormone activity from diminishing.
  • Anti-oxidant activity and glutathione synthesis – Detoxification of the liver and body’s cells depends on glutathione. The body has a weakened ability to eliminate toxins without it.
  • Enhanced immune system response
  • Positive feelings of joy and happiness

Symptoms of irritability, anxiety, depression, impaired hair and nail growth, severe fatigue, weak adrenals, hypoglycemia, allergies, asthma, and low or high blood pressure can all in part be attributed to selenium deficiency. Unfortunately, selenium is lacking in most people’s bodies today. This is because the refined and processed foods that make up so many diets are either low in selenium or it is not in a well-utilized form.

The best natural sources of selenium include:

  • Sardines especially in the skin
  • Blue corn
  • Raw dairy such as cow or goat’s milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir
  • Mustard
  • Garlic
  • Stabilized rice bran
  • Arrowroot powder 
  • Sunflower seeds and almonds

By contrast, selenium can be considered toxic if it is consumed incorrectly or too large quantities. Dr. Wilson believes Selsun Blue Shampoo and Naturaltech Purifying Shampoo by Devines to be toxic sources of selenium, which he does not recommend.

Wellness Shopping Online sells Endo-met's Selenium in both 90 and 180 tabs. Purchase a Hair Analysis kit today to determine your body’s selenium levels and nutritional needs. Selenium is not only required for powerful detoxification, but it’s a fantastic supplement for general health as well.  

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