Tri-Oxy® REVIVE High Frequency Electrodes USA (110V)

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Tri-Oxy® REVIVE High Frequency Electrodes USA (110V)

The Tri-Oxy® REVIVE is a lightweight, handheld device with no moving parts that provides a consistent high frequency Tesla current via custom attachments that easily slide and glide across your skin. The electric current delivers a targeted massage and provides therapeutic, cosmetic, and relaxation effects while also producing ozone.

As long as there's a gap between the electrode and your body, the electrodes create a light shockThis is a perfect environment for muscle stimulation, healing deep tissue penetration, improved blood circulation and skin rejuvenation! Variable power settings of the device allow users to choose custom settings and enjoy any mode of the device's operation, from mild relaxation to a highly intense massage. Seven interchangeable glass electrode tips included with your purchase - 4 Argon (violet) and 3 Neon (orange) glass electrodes - also produce insignificant, safe amounts of ozone as a by-product. 

Operation and Safety Precautions: The Tri-Oxy® REVIVE can be safely operated by most consumers if used according to our basic instructions and precautions. Always use chemical-free and alcohol-free lubricants (or one of our natural tallow balms) to let the electrodes safely and easily glide across the skin. Each unit has a limited 1-year warranty, but glass tubes are only guaranteed to operate with no issues for 30 days since they are very fragile. Any improper use can render the device and tubes inoperable. The item is new and inspected by the FDA, but the box can have small creases, wrinkles, splits, or bent corners and therefore is not covered by the warranty.