Tri-Oxy® FRESH Water Ozonator (110V)

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Tri-Oxy® FRESH Water Ozonator (110V)

It is scientifically proven that ozonated water increases oxygen levels in the body. This is why we recommend all our customers to use the Tri-Oxy® FRESH water ozonator and make ozonated water at home that you can drink, clean with, bathe in, and more.

The Tri-Oxy® FRESH is an amazing device that supplies purified water for all your household needs using high voltage and frequencyThis handheld, simple to use machine is a high quality, well-built ozonator that will last you for years. It generates energy and attaches single oxygen molecules to one another to produce ozone - an activated state of oxygen made of three oxygen atoms. When getting in reaction with pollutants, ozone breaks them down into simpler, less harmful molecules. It can also be used to improve the air quality indoors since it kills bacteria and removes unpleasant odors. On top of that, using ozonated water to cleanse food can help extend its shelf life.

Operation and Safety Precautions: This product comes with a user's manual that covers all operating and troubleshooting questions. Simply connect the Tri-Oxy® FRESH to a power outlet, press the Power button, and choose time of operation with the "+" and "-" keys. It will stop producing ozone when the timer reaches zero. Do not stay in a non-ventilated room when the machine is in use. Also, do not use the unit in an environment with high temperatures, humidity, or oil content, as this can reduce the effects of ozone. For more detailed instructions and a complete list of safety precautions, please see the user's manual.

View the manual for the Tri-Oxy Fresh online here.