The Neck Shaper Kit

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The NECK SHAPER Kit - Spinal Fitness & Exercise Product 

Follow this workout set in four simple steps to retain S-shaped spine and get rid of back pain:

Upright Spine Step 1
Step 1: In standing position, with feet hip-width apart, keep shoulders down, back, and relaxed.

Stretch neck gently backwards, looking up in a fully extended position.






Step 2: Hold Neck Shaper on face with or without bar/bands/weights, and apply gentle force.Upright Spine Step 2







Step 3: Keep applying force, and use neck muscles to move against resistance, and slowly drop chin to the level position.Upright Spine Step 3

This is just like nodding your head versus pushing forward.






Step 4: With chin in the level position, relax muscles and push straight back with Neck Shaper, keeping the chin level. Upright Spine Step 4