Castor Fix™ Pack and Wrap

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Castor Fix™ Pack and Wrap

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While castor oil has many wonderful benefits including stimulation of the liver to eliminate toxinsCastor Fix Pack and Wrap, support of healthy function of the kidneys, bowel, intestine, thyroid gland, ovaries, and uterus, improved bowel movements, reduced abdominal pain caused by bloating and gas, increased circulation, reduced physical inflammation and edema, reduced joint and muscle aches, improved auto-immune function, less moodiness and balanced hormones, decreased liver enzymes, cholesterol, and uric acid, its proper application is as important as the oil itself. A castor oil pack helps ensure that the castor oil deeply permeates the tissues. It also switches the body into the parasympathetic state and stimulates a vast amount of the beneficial neurohormones like oxytocin and dopamine. If you use the oil on your body without the pack, you will lose much of the relaxation benefit. A castor oil pack is simply a way to apply castor oil to the skin, like you would do with a medicated wrapping.

This is where the Castor Fix Pack and Wrap comes to the rescue! The new, improved wrap design has wider straps so it won’t have the curling problem during application. You can sleep in it overnight or wear in the sauna, and it will not leak. It is constructed with non-toxic Polyurethane laminate (PUL), a fabric with a polyurethane film bonded to it that is waterproof and breathable, and certified for use with food and baby products. The wrap also includes fold over elastic and boning to help hold the wrap in place. It is proudly made in USA.

The front pocket can hold a heating pad or water bottle in addition to the Organic Bamboo Cotton Fleece Liner for optional heat. Crossing the shoulder straps across your back is the secret to a comfortable fit. The shoulder straps can be adjusted with the snaps, and the lower ties can be trimmed if they’re too long for you.

Wear your Castor Fix castor oil wrap for a minimum of one hour daily. Before bed is ideal because the castor oil relaxes your body and promotes a restful sleep. It's very easy to clean and store. It will arrive complete with thorough instructions for cleaning and storing in a refrigerator. Order it today and experience the full benefits of regular castor oil application!