Organic Cotton/Bamboo Large Rug for Convertible Tent

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Organic Cotton/Bamboo Large Rug for Convertible Tent

Product dimensions:  33 3/4" x 76 1/4"

This large organic cotton bamboo rug makes a fantastic addition to near infrared sauna therapy. The fleece fabric is incredibly absorbent to hold in the sweat's moisture from the sauna and in the process, prevents possible damage to the floor or Bamboo Mat (included with purchase of a tent or bundle).  

Made in America, this high quality and super soft rug has 100% cotton binding, as well as 10-inch cotton ties that can fasten to the frame of the tent. The rug will not move out of place while you rotate your body or move around inside the tent. This large sized rug is perfectly fit for lie-down use inside the Convertible Tent, while the small rug works for a stand-up or sit-down sauna.

You can only find organic bamboo fleece of this thickness and high quality at Go Healthy Next. Two layers of this fabric are equivalent to three layers of the material sold by most other fabric outlets. The rug is made out of custom mill organic bamboo fleece and weighs 528 grams per squared meter. It is 80% organic bamboo and 20% organic cotton for a 100% organic bamboo and cotton fleece blend! The fabric both passed a flammability test and is certified organicUnlike other bamboo fabrics you will find, this bamboo fleece does not feel rough, due to the stone-washed manufacturing process. 

This material does not contain any harmful substances, and will not distribute toxins into the air when heated.

Care instructions: Machine wash the rug warm and tumble dry on normal to high heat. Although the fabric is pre-washed before being sewn, the rug may still shrink somewhat when it is washed.