Pump Bottle and Catheter for Coffee Enemas

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Pump Bottle and Catheter for Coffee and Ozone Enemas

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This pump bottle and catheter can be used for vaginal and rectal coffee and ozone enemas. An ozone enema enables dissolved O3 to be absorbed instantly into the blood stream. This is where the oxidation process occurs, as the O1 molecule breaks off to destroy harmful organisms and release pure O2 oxygen.

Various types of coffee enema kits is also available for purchase on our website.

Directions for the Pump Bottle

1. Twist the pump top counterclockwise, like a shampoo bottle, to pop it up. 

2. Unscrew and separate the pump/hose and the clear bottle.

3. Fill up the bottle with the enema solution.

4. Screw the pump back on. 

5. Attach your tip of choice. 

6. Quickly pump a few times to prime most of the air out of the tubing.

7. Gently insert tip and pump by placing two fingers on the finger support. Use the thumb to push down on the plunger of the pump.

8. Try to hold for 12 minutes, but stop when you have to. You will be able to hold it for up to 12 minutes with more practice. 

9. Eliminate in toilet.

10. Refill and repeat.