Tri-Oxy® PURE Ozone System

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Tri-Oxy PURE Ozone System

Create instant, on-demand ozone for your home, office, or small work space with the Tri-Oxy PURE Ozone System. This is a high quality water ozonation system that dissolves ozone into water at high concentrations that can be used in showers, kitchens, gardens, and for laundry. 

This system dissolves 85-90% of ozone gas into water when used with the Tri-Oxy PURE Venturi Ozone Injection System (not included). This provides up to 0.998859 milligrams of ozone per liter of water; a concentration that is high enough to help remove bacteria, contamination, fungus, spores, toxic metals, and viruses. 

Food is made safer and laundry is cleaner when ozone systems are used. The Tri-Oxy PURE generates instant ozone at concentration levels that are beneficial, and also do not exceed toxic ambient levels. 

ozone-diffusion-bubble-vs-venturi.pngAn electrical plug and silicone hoses come with the Tri-Oxy PURE. You may also purchase the Tri-Oxy PURE Venturi Ozone Injection System if you require an ozone injection system. 

With fittings appropriate for your home, you have the flexibility to hook up the PURE anywhere you want to use instant ozone. This machine is compatible in both humid or non-humid environments. It can be used in any location. 

The Tri-Oxy PURE is the most affordable and efficient O3 laundry system for home or semi-commercial use:

  • Tri-Oxy Pure Laundry E-ColiPURE is the only laundry Ozone Injection System priced under $1,000
  • PURE uses an Intelligent Micropulse Operational Control System that operates on only 6 watts of power
  • PURE is compact - it measures at 4 1/2" wide by 7" tall by 2" thick
  • No Nitrogen Oxide
  • Flow 200L-900L per hour
  • 0.2-1 PPM ozone concentration = up to 0.998859 mg ozone per liter of water
  • CE and ROHS Compliant
  • Lead-Free Brass Connector Fittings

Studies show as little as 0.1 mg of ozone per liter of water exposure for 15 minutes can completely destroy E-Coli. 

Ozone has shown t be the most powerful Biocide with significantly increased lethality.

The Destruction of E-Coli by Ozone table shows how Polio virus types I, II, III, as well as other problem microbes, are inactivated once exposed to even extremely low ozone concentrations. 

Ozone does not require anywhere near as much contact time compared to Chlorine, and it also requires much lower concentrations to powerfully kill compared to conventional Biocides.