.5 Micron Ozone Diffuser Stone with Stainless Steel Barb

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.5 Micron Ozone Diffuser Stone with Stainless Steel Barb (FDA Approved)

This specialized Oxone Diffuser Stone is designed to replace the diffuser stones that come stock with most Tri-Oxy FRESH ozone generator units. It will provide efficient delivery of ozone due to its fine size, as well as due to being constructed of high-quality materials. It includes stainless steel barb and is FDA Approved.

The .5 Micron Ozone Diffuser Stone provides for a very efficient transfer of gases (ozone / oxygen), and it is worth mentioning that proper absorption of ozone in the water is key to effective ozonated water consumption. It is time-tested and has proven outstanding performance in growing facilities nationwide. Do not hesitate to replace your ozone diffuser stone with the one that is actually designed to handle the strongest concentrations of ozone, and guaranteed to do so time and time again!

PLEASE NOTE: After ozonating water, lift the stainless steel diffuser out of the water and continue bubbling Ozone gas through the diffuser. Blow out all the water and dry the stone. Otherwise minerals in the water will clog the small pores in the stone diffuser, and it will not work the next time you use it.