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Baja Gold

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Unrefined Sea Salt

Baja Gold Sea Salt  - INTL

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Baja Gold Sea Salt does not give up its tasty flavor for the abundance of nutritious minerals and trace elements it contains. This unrefined, all-natural sea salt is created in a divine estuary in Baja, Mexico's Sea of Cortez. Baja natives use proven and inherited methods to make the salt, and guarantee its high quality.

How the salt is made: New sea water moves into the estuary from the tides, and the dehydration process begins with the intense solar heat and dry desert winds. Water evaporates fast and results in a sea water solution that is highly concentrated.  Once the solution achieves the optimal level of concentration, it moves to evaporation or crystallization ponds where the leftover water evaporates from the severe heat. Baja Gold Sea Salt is formed.

Water from the Seat of Cortez contains 90 minerals and trace elements, as well as more than 50,000 natural organic compounds. Unique salt-making techniques ensure that all the minerals and trace elements found in the sea water are also present in Baja Gold Sea Salt. 

What makes Baja Gold different? Baja Gold Sea Salt is naturally low in sodium chloride and is not touched once it solidifies, in contrast to the process of international salt companies who wash their sea salt to form pure white crystals. This removes the minerals and trace elements from the salt and results in 97-99% sodium chloride.

The salt's exceptional flavor quality stems from its mineral content, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, as well as the trace elements it contains, including gold, yttrium, zinc.  Health professionals recognize that Baja Gold Sea Salt is full of essential minerals and trace elements that are essential to the body's health, despite not being abundantly present in the average diet. 

Gourmet chefs love the new taste dimensions that Baja Gold Sea Salt brings to their food, as well as the way it increases the gastronomic value with its soft texture and incredible flavor.

Add Baja Gold Sea Salt to your food today for great taste and a nutrient boost!