Baja Gold Sea Salt 8-Pack - USA

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Baja Gold Sea Salt 8-Pack - USA

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Invest in natural and unrefined sea salt's exceptional benefits with an 8-pack of Baja Gold! No taste is sacrificed with the abundance of mineral nutrients and trace elements found in this high quality salt.  The gourmet Baja Gold Sea Salt comes from an estuary in the Sea of Cortez located in Baja, Mexico. Natives to the area inherited the traditional salt-making methods for Baja Gold over many generations. 

How the salt is made:

New sea water moves into the estuary through tides, where the intense solar heat and dry desert winds begin the dehydration process. The water evaporation quickly produces an extremely concentrated sea water solution. Once the solution reaches the proper concentration level, it is transferred to evaporation or crystallization ponds where the severe heat evaporates the leftover water to form Baja Gold. 

The water from the Sea of Cortez contains 90 minerals and trace elements, as well as over 50,000 natural organic compounds. The unique salt-making techniques retain the minerals and trace elements in Baja Gold Sea Salt. 

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What makes Baja Gold different: 

The washing process used by international salt companies to make pure white crystals removes the mineral and trace elements. This results in 97-99% sodium chloride, as well. Baja Gold Sea Salt differs since the salt is not touched once it solidifies, and it is naturally low in sodium chloride. 

The delicious flavor of the salt stems from its minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, and its trace elements, such as gold, yttrium, and zinc. Health professionals recognize the average human diet lacks the essential minerals and trace elements that Baja Gold is abundant in. 

Baja Gold sea salt has an appealing taste that even gourmet chefs like to add to their recipes, not to mention the increased gastronomic value from the soft texture and flavor. 

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