Organic Fleece 528g/m2 | 80% Bamboo 20% Cotton | SAMPLE

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You can purchase a 1/3 yard sample of our high quality Organic Bamboo Fleece for just $10! This is a fantastic custom mill material that weighs 528g per square meter. The material is super soft, absorbent and makes great fabric for sewing projects! Cloth diapers made out of this fabric are especially great due to the strong absorbency of the material. Test out this sample for yourself and see what you would like to use it for! The soft and thick material makes for great sweaters, blankets, pants, etc. Be aware that the fabric will shrink somewhat when washed. 

You can save money with this organic bamboo as it supplies two heavy layers of fleece for the same thickness of three layers from other bamboo fabrics available today. This fleece is also soft washed so you will not feel any roughness that can be associated with bamboo. Purchase the Organic Bamboo Fleece by the yard! 

This material is 80% Bamboo and 20% Cotton. The bamboo fleece is certified organic and has passed a flammability test. The fabric does not contain any harmful substances.

Bamboo Fleece Organic Certification

Bamboo Fleece Flammability Test Exemption

Bamboo Fleece Flammability Test Report