Organic Fleece 528g/m² | 80% Bamboo 20% Cotton | Yard

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Wellness Shopping Online is the only place to get excellent custom mill Organic Bamboo Fleece that weighs 528g per meter squared. Purchase by the yard for 1.63 pounds of high quality bamboo fleece! A yard is 54 inches wide which is a great size for all your sewing projects. It is extremely absorbable which makes it a wonderful choice for cloth diapers. It quickly grabs and holds in the moisture. The fabric is so soft and cuddly that it would also make great material for blankets, sweaters, pants, and anything else you can think of! It does shrink somewhat when washed so make sure to take that into account when sizing your sewing projects.  

The material of this bamboo fleece is very thick! You can get two heavy layers of organic bamboo fleece that is equal in thickness to three layers from other bamboo fabrics on the market. Plus, this bamboo material is super soft and is soft washed! You won't feel any of the roughness that is normally associated with bamboo fabrics. You can purchase a sample of Organic Bamboo Fleece here!

The fabric is 80% Bamboo and 20% Cotton. The bamboo fleece has been certified organic and passed a flammability test. No harmful substances are contained in the fabric.  

Bamboo Fleece Organic Certification

Bamboo Fleece Flammability Test Exemption

Bamboo Fleece Flammability Test Report