Organic Fabric

Sewing with Organic Fabric

This incredibly soft, 100 percent certified organic bamboo and cotton fleece fabric is stone-washed and extra absorbent. 

Super soft and thick organic bamboo cotton fleece can be hard to find, but is ideal for a variety of quilting and sewing projects, from comfy cloth diapers to throw rugs and blankets. 

Bamboo cotton fleece also makes for a perfect wiping towel with near infrared sauna therapy. Enhance the sauna experience even more with the Organic Floor Sweeper Fleece that helps the body increase its core temperature during a sauna, for faster sweating in larger quantities!  

Our organic bamboo fleece can be purchased in various increments, starting at a quarter yard (0.2286 m) up to ten yards (9.144 meters). Each yard is 54 inches (1.3716 meters) in width. Smaller 4 inch by 10 inch (10.16 cm x 25.4 cm) samples are also available for purchase.