Pump Bottle Manual

Creatrix Solutions


How to Use the Pump Bottle


1. Unscrew the pump top counterclockwise. Twist it like a shampoo bottle and it will pop up.

2. Unscrew and separate the pump/hose from the clear bottle.

3. Fill the bottle with the enema solution.

4. Screw on the pump.

5. Attach your preferred tip.

6. Quickly pump several times to prime almost all the air out of the tubing.

7. Gently insert tip and pump by placing two fingers on the finger support and
use the thumb to push down on the plunger of the pump.

8. Hold ideally for 12 minutes but stop when is appropriate. More practice will allow you to hold it for up to 12 minutes.

9. Eliminate in toilet.

10. Refill and repeat.