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Enema Fix™ Kit for Daily Coffee or Ozone Enemas

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Daily coffee enemas cleanse and refresh the body to preserve health and promote healing. Believe it or not, drinking coffee will not provide the same benefits! When administered rectally, coffee palmitates and caffeine dilate the liver bile ducts and stimulate glutathione S-transferase by 600-700%. The liver becomes less congested, and larger quantities of toxins get filtered out of the body.

Enemas are fluids injected into the rectum to cleanse the bowel, detoxify the body, or relieve constipation. Many different types of enema solutions are used, like plain water, coffee, herbs, probiotics, yogurt, Epsom salt, or ozonated water.

The scientific benefits of using coffee in an enema were first discovered and documented during World War I when a nurse added leftover brewed coffee to water enema treatments. After patients began noting a significant reduction in pain, word spread quickly. Multiple universities around the world conducted studies and confirmed the benefits of the coffee enema. Gradually the coffee enema has become a standard detoxification protocol that is still used and recommended by many healthcare professionals today.

The two-week daily coffee enema challenge has never been easier to perform. Stand up and relax in the shower while holding the coffee solution, then step out and sit on the toilet.

With stand-up, no mess Enema Fix kit taking daily coffee enemas is a breeze! It is BPA free, SGS certified, and free of lead, cadmium, aluminum, antimony, chromium, and cobalt.

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