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Never pour any warm liquid into the jar. Always pour in water first and then warm liquids. The jar is not a coffee mug and will break if you pour coffee directly into the jar. Jar breakage is excluded from your warranty.

Enema Fix™ Kit for Daily Coffee or Ozone Enemas

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Never pour any warm liquid into the jar.  Always pour in water first and then warm liquids.  The jar is not a coffee mug and will break if you pour coffee directly into the jar.  Jar breakage is excluded from your warranty.

Daily coffee enemas cleanse and refresh the body to preserve health and promote healing. Believe it or not, drinking coffee will not provide the same benefits! When administered rectally, coffee palmitates and caffeine dilate the liver bile ducts and stimulate glutathione S-transferase by 600-700%. The liver becomes less congested, and larger quantities of toxins get filtered out of the body.

Enemas are fluids injected into the rectum to cleanse the bowel, detoxify the body, or relieve constipation. Many different types of enema solutions are used, like plain water, coffee, herbs, probiotics, yogurt, Epsom salt, or ozonated water.

The scientific benefits of using coffee in an enema were first discovered and documented during World War I when a nurse added leftover brewed coffee to water enema treatments. After patients began noting a significant reduction in pain, word spread quickly. Multiple universities around the world conducted studies and confirmed the benefits of the coffee enema. Gradually the coffee enema has become a standard detoxification protocol that is still used and recommended by many healthcare professionals today.

To assemble:  

Hold the screw cap with one hand and turn the pump plunger/spout counterclockwise with the other hand to open.  The plunger will pop up, like a shampoo bottle dispenser, once you rotate it far enough. Attach the longest draw straw to the inside bottom on the pump with the diagonally cut end pointed toward the bottom of the jar to siphon up the liquid. Add the finger grip by inserting the draw straw through the center ring of the finger grip. The finger grip should be positioned so the underside contours allow for your fingers to hold the whole Enema Fix while pumping.  See the picture of the assembled Enema Fix for the correct finger grip position. Securely screw the pump assembly onto the jar adapter.  Attach the tubing adapter to the pump spigot and make sure to tightly push on this connection. 

You might need to use a hair dryer to heat the tubing adapter to completely push it on the spigot. If so, let it cool down and shrink to give a leak tight seal. Add your preferred tip onto the end of the tubing adapter.  Fill the jar with your preferred enema solution and screw on the jar adapter with pump assembly, making sure the gasket is in between the jar and the adapter.  Once you confirm all the connections are securely tightened, hold the jar handle with one hand, and vigorously pump the plunger up and down with the other hand. Keep two fingers on the finger grip and your thumb on the pump plunger and apply pressure while pumping to push out the air and prime the tubing with liquid.  You will waste a small amount of fluid to prime the tubing.  Then slowly insert the tip into the anus, with optional lubrication, and gently pump liquid inside your rectum. 

Intermittently, I massage up my left side (ascending colon), horizontally across my abdomen (transverse colon), and down my right side (descending colon) to allow the fluid to travel throughout the bowel. Then, I take a 7–10-minute shower and when I get a strong urge to eliminate, I step out to sit on the toilet.  I use a squatty potty stool while on the toilet and massage my abdomen in the reverse direction.  Afterwards, I jump back in the shower and repeat the process.

WARNING: Please follow the instructions to avoid dropping the glass jar and breaking it. This can happen if the pump is not completely screwed on to the adapter and the jar is separated from the pump. Double check the connection, so you know you can safely hold the pump and jar by the finger rest while pumping. Keep the jar on the shower floor once you have dispensed half the liquid. The hose is extra-long, so you can even pump the liquid with the jar on the shower floor.  Either way, putting or keeping the jar on the floor or a wide bench seat will minimize accidental breakage.

The two-week daily coffee enema challenge has never been easier to perform. Stand up and relax in the shower while holding the coffee solution, then step out and sit on the toilet.

With stand-up, no mess Enema Fix kit taking daily coffee enemas is a breeze! It is BPA free, SGS certified, and free of lead, cadmium, aluminum, antimony, chromium, and cobalt.

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