Breathe Safe® Portable Plasma Air Purifier

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Breathe Safe® Portable Plasma Air Purifier, Sauna Ion Booster and Oxygen Generator

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The Breathe Safe is a portable air purification machine that emits millions of negative ions and 17% oxygen.  Using the Breathe Safe provides a significant rise of oxygen levels (70-118%) in the air we breathe. 

Typically, we inhale 15 to 20% oxygen, that is present in air depending on the surrounding environment. Staying indoors most of the time and relaxing with a sedentary lifestyle lowers oxygen levels in our bodies up to 20%.  The Breathe Safe provides an easy solution to increase body oxygen levels, and enhance breathing exercises and breath work.   It does this while also reducing or completely eliminating dust, volatile organic compounds, bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen, and fungus.

The Breathe Safe can also be used in your own home sauna or with the Sauna Fix® near infrared sauna since studies show that the presence of negative ions during a sauna session increase core body temperature and double sweat volume.  Since sauna sessions detoxify the body through sweat, and the perspiration get humidified at least six toxins are getting inhaled and absorbed back into the body. 

No additional purchases are needed to operate the Breathe Safe (if you live in the United States)! The required power cord and 110 wall plug and car adapter are included. Optional accessories are available so you can conveniently keep a set in the car, sauna, office, bedroom, etc. and you only have to transport the device itself to use somewhere else. External battery pack depicted in photos and video not included with purchase.

This quiet and small but extremely effective and reliable plasma generator reduces the stress response of the body that is caused by exposure to harmful organisms and chemicals and provides the adequate oxygen levels the body needs to detoxify. It drastically decreases the toxic load placed on the human body on a daily basis but does not create worse hazards such as super bugs. The Breathe Safe releases an invisible cloud of negative and positive ions, as well as a certain amount of energy, into the air. It generates 23,450,000 of the right ratio of ions per cubic centimeter. It also steals hydrogen molecules from pathogen protein surfaces without creating resistance or harmful mutations and thus destroys bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus.  

The Breathe Safe has been specifically designed for use in small spaces. Lab tests show that the Breathe Safe air purifier operating for 30 minutes inside a test chamber of 3 cubic meters takes in 56,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. It is also portable and can easily operate from into a USB charger or an outlet of any voltage, so the air in your car or hotel room can be purified even as you travel. The Breathe Safe consumes only 2 watts of power, weighs 11.1 oz and is quite easy to maintain. It has also been CE and ROHS certified. 

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