Treat your pet to a Pet Hair Analysis!

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 3rd May 2016

A Hair Analysis test provides an excellent way to uncover your body’s mineral imbalances and deficiencies, and be guided on track to correcting your health with a Nutritional Balancing Program. But hair analysis is not just for humans; pets can benefit too! Wellness Shopping Online offers  Pet Hair Analysis Kits in addition to the  human tests and retests.

Nutritional balancing with a hair analysis test helps to take preventive care of your pet’s health.  It can work to address health issues before they develop and allow them to be corrected through nutrients and dietary changes. Animals need high quality nutrients in their diet, just like humans, for proper health and growth. A Nutritional Balancing program allows for your pet to get the nutrients they need for a better life. 

There are many reasons nutritional balancing is a wonderful way to enhance your pet’s health.

  • Pets have lower stress levels compared to humans
  • Pets have diets that are easy to control
  • Pets have an emotional makeup that is less complex than humans

Even the most high quality food, silage, pasture land, and hay cannot supply the adequate nutrients pets need. Nutritional supplements are so important and it is best to use a hair analysis to understand exactly what nutrients your pet needs and in what doses.

It is important when sending in a sample for Pet Hair Analysis, that the sample is clean and unwashed after being cut. This is essential in order to get the most precise reading.  View this tutorial for instructions on how to take a hair sample from your pet for testing.

Anyone with a furry friend in their life should consider getting a  Pet Hair Analysis Kit to help them reach their optimal level of health. Animals who suffer from sickness or health problems can especially benefit from nutritional balancing. And just as with human hair analysis, pets should get regular retests to ensure they are getting the proper nutrients and making progress with their health. 

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