Breathe Safe® Replacement Plate

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Replacement Plate for Breathe Safe® Portable Plasma Air Purifier

The Breathe Safe, a portable air purification machine that emits millions of negative ions, provides a significant rise of oxygen levels (70-118%) in the air we breathe. 

You don't need to purchase this replacement part to start operating your new Breathe Safe device. This is an optional detail that is available for the owners of the older devices that are no longer covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Purchase the Replacement Plate if the one on your device has become so dirty due to the lack of proper maintenance that it affects the ability of your device to operate, produce negative ions, and destroy bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus.  

The Breathe Safe has been specifically designed in such a way that it requires minimum maintenance / cleaning. Without it, however, the life of the device can be significantly reduced. To extend it, order this part to bring your air purifier to life again

Please make sure to clean the replacement plate so that your purifier continues properly.

Warranty Information
1 year